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We are a Government Approved CNG Fitment Center &  provide Conversion from Petrol to CNG for All Types of Cars in Delhi & Gurgaon.


We install all types of Imported CNG Kit from Italy & Argentina (Tomasetto, Lovato, etc.).We already have installed over 7000 CNG Kits in Various make & model of car. We Install Conventional and Sequential CNG Kits in Cars as per their aproval from Government of Delhi. We are Running CNG Kit Fitting Center RFC-10 (For Petrol Running Vehicles including All Types of Cars at Pankha Road Near Dabri) and  (For All Types of Petrol Vehicles  Near Sector 23 Dwarka). We have also a branch at Gurugram (Gurgaon), Haryana. We install all types of Imported CNG Kit from Italy & Argentina (Tomasetto, Loveto, Best Prins etc.). Indian CNG Conversion Kits are also available as per demand of Customers. We are the second Largest Company in Delhi to Install Sequential CNG Kits as well as Conventional CNG Kits in all make and models of car.

Our Specialty

  • Sequential CNG Kits & Conventional CNG Kits

  • 100% Genuine Parts at Reasonable Price.

  • 1 Year Guaranty and lifetime warranty

  • Pick-up & Drop Services

  • Computerized Tuning & Free Setting

  • All Major Credit cards Accepted

Environment Friendly

CNG is completely combusted & produces a clean exhaust gas unlike Petrol Cars which have high carbon emissions

CNG is Economical

Not only is CNG Price Lower than Petrol and Diesel - its running cost is nearly half of petrol, reducing your total cost of ownership

Easy Availability 

CNG is now readily available at hundreds of Filling Stations in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and nearby NCR Region

Why Switch to CNG?


What is CNG?

CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas. It is a gaseous fuel and is a mixer of hydrocarbons mainly Methane

Is CNG safe?

Yes, it is safe. The properties of CNG make it a safe fuel. It is lighter than air, so in case of a leak it just rises up and disperses into the atmosphere. Besides a high auto-ignition temperature of 540 C as against petrol's 360 C, makes it a safe fuel. Also, in case of a leak, if CNG's concentration in the air is less than 5% and more than 15%, the gas will not burn even in the presence of a spark.

Can a car, fitted with CNG conversion kit, run on Petrol after its CNG gets over?

Yes, after conversion to CNG the vehicle can run on petrol whenever desired simply by changing switch position from CNG to Petrol. It is advisable to carryout changeover operation in standby mode of vehicle.

Is CNG vehicle as powerful as normal petrol vehicle?

Yes,the vehicle power on CNG is the same as the vehicle driven on petrol.

Does CNG has any Harmful effect on the engine?

Owing to CNG's distinct feature, it does not contaminate or dilute crankcase oil, giving a new lease of life to the engine. The absence of any lead content in CNG helps avoid lead fouling of plugs, thereby enhancing plug life. One of the important benefits of CNG is that upon entering the engine in the form of a gas (and not as a spray or mist like other fuels), it doesn't disturb the presence of lubricating oil in the engine, and reduces chances of wear and tear.

Are maintenance needs different for CNG?

CNG engine works essentially the same way as petrol engine. Most engine service requirement issimilar to petrol engine like air filter cleaning and spark plugs replacement on a regular interval for better performance and drivability comforts.

What is CNG cylinder and its life?

CNG cylinders are manufactured from high strength alloy steel and are seamless to withstand high pressure. Each CNG cylinders are approved by Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organisation and Bureau of Indian Standards. Every CNG cylinder is retested at and interval of 5 years at PESO approved testing station. Life of CNG cylinder is 20 years. It is available is different sizes and capacities as per the requirement. CNG is filled at a pressure of 200-220 kg/cm2 at filling station.

Does CNG Kit requires servicing and maintenance?

CNG kit (vaporiser) is safe, simple and robust in its design. It gives years of trouble free operation as it doesn't require frequent servicing. In case of low pick up or mileage which may occur due to impurities accommodate in the vaporiser, which needs to be cleaned and the diaphragms to be changed to get a better performance and mileage.

How much will be the saving after conversion of vehicle to CNG?

Looking to the price difference of Petrol and CNG, the approximate saving shall be in the range of 60 % to 75 %. In other words, if the running cost per km in petrol is Rs.6.00, then in CNG it shall be in the range of Rs.1.75-Rs.2.25 per km.


We provide services for all major Brands & Manufacturers including luxury cars

Save upto 40% compared to authorized service centres.

Service Due? Car Trouble?

Wait no more... Call the Experts


We use genuine (OEM) spare parts to ensure that you get the best service for your car


We offer the best price in town, and you can save upto 40% on your car maintenance cost.


With over 20+ years of experience, we offer best quality services for all your car servicing needs


Multiple payment options to pay for your car service including card/cash payments


Doorstep Pick up & Drop facility provided, so that you can sit back & relax at the comfort of your home


With our digital record facility - you can track the status of your car service upto date anytime

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